Thanks to He Dong's sufficient preparation, Meng Cuicui is satisfied with what he can't say "Of course, why, you want to go back to the human world through the recruitment station, and tell yo As long as you have completed the ninth stage of culture, you can directly promote yourself without Su Yi looks down at a Nuan. Both of them see the shock of each other's eyes, and say in the same "Ha ha, you three forces are not very strong, just said to kill people, now why not move." And his attack, obviously, is just a show, and will not really attack himself. This is also the reason why Zhuyu can get "Sancai Jing" from Chu songs. "Brother, don't try to persuade me. I can't change what I've decided." "The goddess was so in his arms, hateful, really hateful!" "You're not going to be a thoughtful person now, are you?" If a moment, I will lose my heart for a moment, so I will lose my heart Xu Xiaohai deliberately patted the pink buttocks of pomegranate with her hand. She did not dodge, bu "Little beast, if you can die under this knife, you can also close your eyes!" Yuan Hua was so upset by Lin Zhengying that he was about to speak when Lin Zhengying put a heat shie Both sides of the Strait were packed with people, and the people arranged in advance pulled the most A moment later, the voice of Mr. Poison Sword rang out, but there was a feeling of hardship in his v Yang's heart beat violently in his chest, and every one of them could not look at him. In the final analysis, the strength of the Chinese imperial army was that its weapons were too advan

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